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My Personal Tailor for Life

By adongsilk adongsilk - Tháng Tư 7, 2021

This is going to be long and detailed, so as a summary, I am a new lawyer competing with the partners for best dressed at a fraction of the price. I eventually gave all my non A Dong dress clothes to charity because I vastly preferred their products and found I stopped wearing everything else.

I first ordered suits in person on a trip following law school graduation in 2017. I just received my second suit order online and they kept all my measurements. I cannot be more pleased with the price and quality. I am often considered the best dressed in a large office of lawyers and other counsel pays as much for a suit as I do for half my wardrobe.

I first came across A Dong Silk(‘AD’) in Hoi An. I am a researcher and have a lot of debt; my intention was to establish a relationship for further orders, so I did not take this lightly. Alongside reading reviews, I went to as many tailors as possible and even had clothing made at other shops to test price and quality. I found there were both more and less expensive options, but generally when it comes to price/quality it’s a great balance. They even made a cape/coat for my fiancé from a TV show we liked (Veronica Lodge from Riverdale). It was perfect! We were served by Dao and thought service was excellent.

I have never needed a suit before for work, so I made a large order. I was anxious that I would come to regret it, but I have now owned my other suits for 4 years and they all stand the test of time (I’ve had the odd button re-stitched and some shirts and ties have literally just worn out from overuse, but I have worn these things everyday for 4 years; this is an overuse not a quality issue).

Alongside A Dong, I had several suits from other bespoke tailors and off the rack. The highest compliment that I can give is that overtime I gave all my other dress clothes to charity because I vastly preferred the style and comfort of A Dong; in particular comfort can be important when you wear dress clothes daily.

I recently made another large order and was a bit apprehensive (just my personality), but as it arrived recently, my only regret is not ordering more. I dealt with Tran for the online order who was fair and attentive. I’m very particular, so trust me that she deserves credit for a long back and forth. The price was great and the quality of items is again excellent. In between 2017 and now I lost my favourite wallet that I bought in Hoi An, and Tran actually went and found a replacement for me (talk about service). I am so happy With the product I’m already considering my next order.

Honestly, at these prices, I’m going to do all Groomsmen/Bridesmaid garments from there as well. I attended a friend’s wedding where I was in the wedding party and it cost almost as much to rent a considerably inferior suit as it would be to buy one from AD. If for about the same price the groomsmen can all get bespoke suits to keep, it’s a great idea.

If you have read this far you deserve my full opinion, so I will still name a few flaws. They forgot to do a button hole in the lapel of one of my suits when I explicitly asked them to do so. They are however sending me a spool of thread and I’m just going to get a tailor to do it here (i’m sure that won’t be a problem). Secondly, I asked for a variety of cuffs for the sleeves of my dress shirts and they only did a single style (not going to ruin my life). These seem like honest mistakes and don’t bug me very much.

They really messed up the fabric holder for the tail of the ties. You can see from the photo that they put it about an inch below where the knot would sit which is completely useless for the purpose, actually makes the tie sit weird, and frankly disappointing to see such a silly mistake from otherwise great tailors. I am going to have to just rip out the material and use a tie clip. Given that I ordered 22 ties and expressly requested the holder because I don’t like tie clips, I am disappointed that no one thought to double check this before they went out. Then again at these prices it’s hard to complain (I still will).

Given that I left the mistakes to the end I am going to conclude with a summary of positives. If you are looking for great quality clothing at very reasonable prices AD is for you! In particular if you are a young professional like myself and want to out dress the partners (or executives) who are paying 2K a suit, and you don’t have the money to compete, then AD is for you. Finally the fact that they keep your measurements including the final fit of your clothing means that they are great if you, like me, want to establish a continued relationship with a quality tailor.

I unreservedly give them 5 Stars!!!!!!