Warranty policy A Dong Silk

Included from damage under this warranty are the following:

  • Faded color
  • Unstitching
  • Shrinking
  • Bubbling


Other Fees:

Fee for alterations or replacement: free of charge
Fee for shipping: A Dong Silk’s responsibility shall be limited to back shipping (by Airmail)


Period of warranty:

The warranty applies only to A Dong Silk products purchased from an Authorized A Dong Silk and is extended only to the original purchaser (“Owner”) for a period of 90 days from the purchase date.



  • All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt from an Authorized A Dong Silk
  • A Dong Silk warrants all products to be free of defects in material or workmanship. A Dong Silk’s responsibility shall be limited to repair or replace the defective product. A Dong Silk will not be responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred as a result of loss or use of product
  • If a defect arises in the A Dong Silk within the limited warranty period, the customer should promptly return the product to A Dong Silk
  • The product will be refunded on the real amounts paid in the red invoice.


How it works

All products to be returned to A Dong Silk for warranty must be taken to A Dong Silk before the expiration of the warranty period and must be accompanied by a dated proof of purchase.

Altered or replaced product will be returned to customers within 15 days
All items must be described in detail of the damage under this warranty as above. A written explanation of the exchange with your contact information, including an original purchase receipt must accompany the product.


Returns, Exchanges and Warranty Claims must be submitted to:

A Dong Silk Co,. Ltd
62 Tran Hung Dao Street
Hoian – Quang Nam – Vietnam

Should you have any questions, problems, concerns or feedback, please contact us at [email protected].