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By adongsilk adongsilk - Tháng Mười 27, 2021

I have already left a review on an order I placed previously when I first received by suits online , ties and masks. Having has some time to wear the clothing supplied, I am even more impressed than when I first received my order. Everything is comfortable and very sharp looking. I have now worn A Dong tailored suits for nearly 5 years and can tell you with certainty that other reviews on this site stating that the Clothing does not Last is untrue (though admittedly I have worn some of my shirts to the point where sweat has ruined them, but I wear dress clothing everyday. The clothing is not magic, but will wear out from repeated and frequent use due to no fault on the part of the garment maker; that’s how all clothing works).

I am specifically leaving this review to comment on masks. A Dong made me about 20 ties and masks to match. The masks have worked out excellently. They are both very fashionable in that they match my ties (I am a lawyer, so I wear a suit everyday), but also are one of the most comfortable and affordable masks that I have worn since the pandemic started. I have tried all manner of masks including much more expensive masks from Lulu Lemon, but nothing compares with both the comfort and style of A Dong’s masks.

At this point it looks like we are going to be on and off masks for a while, so if you’re buying ties, you should consider getting masks made as well (pro tip you can buy size adjusters on Amazon for next to nothing).

Ask for Tra, she was extremely helpful. I will be ordering more soon!