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About A Dong Silk

Personal Tailoring” is a service that tailors cut, design and sew clothes according to detailed customers’ specification. The advantage of personal tailoring is that the customer participates in choosing the fabric; design and color, to ensure the clothes will fit their bodies and even their personality. Personal tailoring is usually done by in-house tailors. In general, personal tailoring describes a high degree of “customization” and involvement of customers.

Established in 1998, A Dong Silk is a leader in bespoke personal tailoring in Vietnam. It has earned a global reputation for delivering modern, stylish, high quality garments that fit all body types, perfectly.

Passing down a 50-year tradition of high couture in the ancient city of Hoi An, famous for its silk weaving since 400 years, A Dong Silk is now the “nation of needlework” – reflecting the tranquility and tradition of hospitability of beautiful Vietnam.

A Dong Silk’s 10-minute measurement process is revolutionary and is done with ease and comfort. The garments are hand-sewn and can be delivered within two days at our stores and within 1 week to any part of the world.



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Best tailor in Hoi An

I had the best experience with A Dong Silk in Hoi An. The staff was very welcoming taking there time to talk to me about my wishes for a new suit.
As a woman only owning black and blue suits, I wanted a pink one this time and they took me by surprise telling me that they could create a suit exactly as I wanted it.

The sales assistant, Dong, was very serviceminded and helpful and I will definitely order suits from A Dong Silk again.

Also, they keep my measures, so that I can order from Vietnam to Denmark – thats really something!
From Camilla.



Excellent tailor made experience 🙂

Choosing the place to make my suit in Hoi An was not an easy choice with so many tailor shops in town. I ve chosen A Dong Silk after reading great reviews and also talking 2 times before ordering with Huong, who helped me very professionally through the whole process of choosing the fabric and later adjusting the suit until it make it exactly how i wanted it. If you want a cheaper suit there plenty of places, but if you want a great suit and experience doing it i highly recommend this shop and Huong 🙂



Excellent suit, highly recommend

Visited a dong silk for a suit for my wedding. Linh was my sales rep, she was fantastic, always happy which isn’t what I found with many other sales reps in other stores. I’ve bought a suit from Bangkok before and this suit is just a good, only time will tell how long it lasts but I’m sure it will as the inside stitching looks very strong. I did the price negotiation (with a different sales rep) the day before I agreed to go with a dong silk, probably the best way to do it as neither party in the negotiation is ever happy by the end of that tiring process (it does get very draining). Went in next day much happier and told Linh we agreed a price the day before, everyone is happy!

Would highly recommend a dong silk, the tailors did a fantastic job thank you so much!



High Quality suits & service

Got a 3 piece suit, shirt and tie fitted here. Very good experience! Suong, my sales assistant, was very professional, friendly and efficient. She made the experience very comfortable and easy. She even came in on her day off. I paid a bit more than I originally intended, but the quality did not disappoint. The fit was perfect. You probably can get suits made a bit cheaper elsewhere, but i would doubt you would receive the same standard of service and finish. Suong did offer me cheaper options but i could see the value in spending a bit more. You pay for what you get. Thank you Suong. Would definitely recommend!



Wonderful first experience with a tailor!

I was recommended by a friend to visit A Dong Silk to have a suit made. I did some more research on Google about the best tailors in Hoi An and kept seeing A Dong Silk as the top five, so with my friend’s recommendation and Google searches backing him up, my girlfriend and I decided to visit them at their Le Loi location. And as soon as we entered, we were met with excellent service! It was my first time going to a tailor to have a suit made, so I didn’t have any knowledge of how it’s supposed to fit. I knew how the shoulders should be and how long the sleeves should be, but only on ready-made suits. But I was paired up with an incredible, sweet, and professional tailor; her name is Van. She was so helpful with explaining the different materials, how the suit should fit, asking about the details, tweaking it, and making sure it would fit our budget. She really took care of me and made sure my first visit was perfect! The suits I got are of very nice quality and feel like heaven to wear! Van is very professional and sweet! If you want a suit made, make sure to visit A Dong Silk and ask for Van; she is a darling! Thank you very much for a wonderful experience and for top-notch service!

I had two three-piece suits made of cashmere and wool. Two shirts and a tuxedo are also made of cashmere and wool. All three are very comfortable and nice to wear! The quality feels really good, but it will take more time to know exactly how high it is.

I recommend them 100%

Again, thank all of you at A Dong Silk for a wonderful experience, great service, and a great product!



“Excellent service and great quality tailoring for suit”

I’ve recently been to A Dong Silk in Hoi An with my boyfriend and each of us had a suit tailor-made there. I have to say that the service was beyond expectations. The store was two storeys and they had many fabric to choose from, not to mention the advice you get from your own personal sales assistant. In my case Linh was my personal sales assistant and she was very professional, all I had to do was to show a printed picture of what I wanted and she immediately led me to three possible materials and we went on from there. She has an exceptional eye for colour and provides excellent advice during fittings.

What makes A Dong Silk different from other tailors is that they have their own tailors in house and so you can ensure your comments are more directly communicated to the tailor. If your assistant don’t understand you, they would even ask the tailor to come down during your fitting so you can communicate to the tailor directly. Also A Dong Silk has big rolls of fabrics, unlike smaller tailor shops, they don’t show you small fabric samples but you can see the roll in big and and actually place it on yourself and look in the mirror to imagine how it will look on you. For my suit I had approximately 4-5 fittings before everything was perfect but the craftsmanship and quality was already there from the first fitting, the remaining fittings were due to small adjustments and Linh and the staff were very patient with us and would make the changes for us every time, along with their professional opinion.

I would highly recommend A Dong Silk to anyone without hesitation, the communication was easy as they spoke good English and they would do as much as they could to satisfy your needs and requests. Thank you Linh for your excellent service and helping us meet the tight schedule of getting the suits ready in two days.



Beautiful gala dress!

Mid february I visited A Dong Silk and asked them to make me a gala dress inspired on different dresses (selected the top of one dress and the bottom of another dress). This was no problem for them. They had lovely fabrics to choose from, exactly the lace I was looking for. One day later I could already come for my fitting session. I was really happy with the result. They had to make some parts a bit smaller and the day after I came back for another fitting session. The dress did fit perfectly and looked exactly like I wanted, except a little detail, but it was impossible to do it differently due to the lace.

Chau helped me very well during the whole process and was very professional.

Would definetely recommend this shop: good fabrics, good skills, nice service and quick.



Excellent tailoring and fabrics in Hoi An

There are a number of great tailors in Hoi An, but the range of fabrics here is fantastic. The service is great, whether you have a very particular need or are looking for inspiration and guidance. I wanted a tuxedo and was able to look through many styles to customise what I wanted, and was gently upsold to get a blazer too – which also looked great. The only advice I woudl say is that the more you know what you want the better it will be for you, but even if you don’t, you are in good hands.



A wonderful experience from start to finish

Let’s start at the end: I walked out of A Dong with two IMPECCABLY crafted articles of clothing that fit me perrrrrfectly. And that is incredible, considering I walked IN for the first time a mere 30 hours earlier.

I don’t know how they do what they do, but – hot damn – they do it well! I still can’t believe how amazingly everything turned out. I walked into A Dong and handed Linh (the awesome saleswoman/magician I was fortunate to work with) two screenshots on my phone – one of a skirt and one of a pair of pants. She was incredibly patient with me, and so fun to work with, and somehow, Linh and the rest of the professional, friendly and fun team over there turned those pics into a reality for me!

The prices weren’t QUITE as low as I was expecting/hoping, but still verrrry reasonable for the quality of what I took home with me.

My only regret was not getting more stuff made. Once I saw the results, I knew I had made a BIG mistake there. But I guess that just means I’ll have to go back and visit Linh again soon. I miss her already!



Wonderfully made suit

I worked with a lady named Dong at A Dong Silk. She was very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. I came in with exact desires for my wedding suit and the helped me pick out every material and showed me various pricing options of fabrics. The suit was mocked up in 1 day and was nearly perfect. After 1 alteration it was exactly as I wanted. $230 for a 2 piece suit and dress shirt. Custom ties at $15 each. Very well made and super sharp. My fiancé also had a dress made that she just showed them a picture she liked on Pinterest and they did a great job on it too. Take note of the thousands of other positive reviews. A Dong Silk is the way to go!



A Dong Silk Online ordering

We visited A Dong in September 2017 but this month we decided to order more clothes online. As the Staff had our measurements already so we just chose the styles of our clothes and Loan helped us to choose the materials on Skype. The clothes were delivered very fast and vere perfectly suited so it was a very nice experience.



Why go to A Dong Silk Tailors.

Why A Dong I asked my partner on our 1st visit back in 2012. Her reply was, because they are the best Tailors in Hoi An and all my work colleagues and friends agree. So we went there and as soon as you enter you ask yourself are they Hoi An`s best tailors? As I waited for my partner to select fabric and discuss her order with a very experienced staff member whose name was Van, I could see how professional Van was and her training was very apparent to me and my partner. Nothing was too much trouble or too difficult. Fellow travellers who came from all over Europe USA & Asia were coming & going with very happy and pleased faces as they left with their purchases. I spoke with one professional couple from France and they had bought this time 3x business suits each & other items.They were told to go to A Dong on their first visit some years before.They said A Dong are experienced, prompt with no wasted visit`s to recut garments or extra fittings etc .which cost the customer time. A Dong do it correctly first time so you can enjoy your time in the Hoi An area. We also found this to be so. We returned again to A Dong in October 2017. This time my partner wanted some very modern edgy trousers made which was a real challenge for Van. Van did a great job on a very unusual request. My partner again left very happy due to Van`s careful measuring & advice. It does’nt matter how difficult a project is Van is on top of it. Well done Van .Thank you A Dong you are Hoi An`s best tailors.