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  • How-suits-for-big-men-should-fit

    How Suits for Big Men Should Fit

    When it comes to suits for big men, choices might be more modest than you think. Rather, the wearer should follow a particular set of rules. Dressing well is all about presenting yourself in the best way possible. And it all depends on the shape of your body. It can be round-bellied, broad shoulder, or […]

  • How To Measure Yourself For Suits

    Taking Your Own Suit Measurements A well fitting suit will always look superior to an ill fitting one, even if they are thousands of pounds apart. That designer suit is wasted if the trousers are too wide, or the sleeves too short. Stuck between the cost of a high street tailor, and the fear of […]


    If you have never purchased a bespoke suit before, you are unlikely to have been given a choice on your suit lining. Instead, the designer will have chosen it for you and more often than not, it is less than exciting in colour and style. When you go bespoke, you have the opportunity to choose […]

  • How To Clean A Suit At Home

    If you wear a lot of suits for work or play, you’re probably used to dropping them off at the dry cleaners when they need to be cleaned. While dry cleaning is the best method for cleaning a suit safely without ruining it, that doesn’t mean your suit always needs it! Frequent dry cleaning can […]

  • Tuxedo or Suit for a wedding?

    “Should I wear a tuxedo or a suit for my wedding? I seriously don’t even know the difference.” I’m glad you asked. The primary physical difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin. Typically tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the […]

  • Getting Clothes Made in Hoi An, Vietnam: A Complete Guide

    Getting clothes made in Hoi An, Vietnam was one of my favorite experiences on my three month trip through Southeast Asia. It was also super overwhelming! Hoi An is a vibrant city that is home to more than 300 tailors. While most are family businesses run by skilled craftsmen, some are better than others, and […]


    Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the benefit of a seasoned fashion sense when it comes to choosing outfits. Picking out what to wear even for simple, everyday events can sometimes be tricky, while putting together a winning shirt, suit and tie combination for special occasions can be a major headache. See Step 1 below […]

  • TIPS for Wedding

    Fabric: The fabrics of your outfit for wedding that you’re going buy is very important. For example Suit, having your suit on a tailor, it is advisable that you must check the fabrics to use first: wool, polyester and linen are also great choice because it is known for its durability and smoothness. Cotton is […]