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A delightful experience tailor in Hoi An

By adongsilk adongsilk - October 9, 2019

42 hours. 3 fittings and I walked out with 2x 3 piece suits and 2 pairs of shorts.
I’d brought silk in Saigon and just needed a tailor in Hoi An. A friend recommended here and I’m so pleased that they did.

Day 1 16:00
The store is open fronted and you walk past bolts of gorgeous cloth. I was greeted by the delightful and welcoming smile of Le. After explaining what I hoped for, Le measured the cloth and advised me that there was more than enough for my needs.
We talked design and she drew up my preferences. Then Le started taking thorough and complete measurements, that she entered on my drawn up chart. We chose the linings and detailing.
I realised that price hadn’t been discussed and asked the fees. Tailoring fees for the 8 items came to $400. I’m was in disbelief. Normally you put 50% and pay the balance on completion. I just paid in full.

Day 2 11:00
1st fitting. All was cut and ready. A few nips and tucks were made. A waist adjustment and a slight change in waistcoat length were decided on. The tailor came down to examine the fit and to confirm exactly what was to be done.

Day 2 18:00
2nd fitting. Most everything was now ready. Le helped me to decide on button style and colour and the colour of the for the buttonholes. A small adjustment to one of the waistcoats and all was ready to be finalised.

Day 3 10:00
Time to pick everything up. Tried on each piece and ensured the fit and look. A small alteration was required on one item and the tailor looked, marked and 15 minutes later, had it finished perfectly. All was then wrapped and packaged for travel.

Le could not have been any more patient, professional or delightful to work with. The entire staff I interacted with, were warm and very friendly. I’m delighted with these and will be ordering more pieces to be made and shipped.