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Beautiful Wedding Dress Tailored in Hoi An

By adongsilk adongsilk - November 2, 2023


I came to Hoi An with the intent of getting a beautiful custom wedding dress made for a better price than back home (in Canada). After visiting 5 of the major high-end tailors in town, I was feeling somewhat defeated – none of the shops had great lace & fabric selection for a wedding dress, and honestly, none of them seemed interested in the design or details, leaving me with the feeling that they didn’t really want to take on such a project. I had almost given up and resigned myself to buying an expensive dress back home when my partner encouraged me to check out A Dong Silk, as they devoted a whole section of their website to wedding dresses, and so perhaps had the necessary experience. Le at A Dong helped me put together a design based on one of the example wedding dresses on their website (including browsing a reasonably sized collection of nice lace to choose what I’d like), and 24 hours later, the dress was made and I was back for the first fitting. After multiple fittings and lots of customization, the dress was fully completed – only 3 days after starting! This included literally hours of Le and her colleagues sitting on the floor, positioning and hand-sewing lace patterns onto the train exactly where I wanted them. Very much appreciate the team effort by all the wonderful ladies at A Dong Silk to make my dress special!

Le also helped me design a couple other silk dresses, plus some shorts. My fiance ended up getting his wedding suit created here also (thanks to Nga for all her great work!) as they offered him a great price (a little cheaper than the other high-end tailors in town we visited).

If you’re looking to have a wedding dress made, I would strongly recommend A Dong Silk. I think they’re actually the only shop in town with the experience and fabric selection to make a high-quality, custom wedding dress. They won’t be the cheapest (if you’re looking for the absolute lowest price for a simple, no-frills dress, and you’re not picky about the fabric, look elsewhere), but if you’re looking to get a designer dress for way cheaper than western prices, this is definitely the place. Thanks again Le & Nga!