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Best tailor in Hoi An

By adongsilk adongsilk - April 27, 2023

Visited A Dong Silk Tailors as I needd a new suit and they came recommended by friends that has visited Hoi An. For decades I’ve had my suits, sports jackets and dress pants/shirts custom made by a Hong Kong tailor. Unfortunately COVID put a hard stop to this.

Was extremely suprised by the service and attention to detail I received from A Dong store associate Van. Got the fabric I wanted quickly, style and accents I requested and the initial/final fittings were quick, efficient and required surprisingly little tweaking.

Made a quick return, after receiving a wedding invitation, for another pair of dress pants/shirt as I needed specific colours to satifsy the bride…. Again received the same quality service…. Prices are very reasonable for what is delivered.

There are many, many tailors in Hoi An and undoubtedly some are less expensive. However if you want a quality product, with quality service and fast efficient delivery, I would highly recommend A Dong Silk Tailors