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Best tailor-made clothes in Hoi An

By adongsilk adongsilk - November 22, 2021

best tailor-made clothes in hoi an

Looking good never goes out of style. For the well-dressed man about town that means getting a selection of tailor-made suits, bespoke outfits that can be worn to a variety of social engagements. But how does one go about finding a skilled modiste who’s a cut above the rest? Well, there are definitely some key things to look for when deciding. A good tailor pairs a wide variety of quality fabrics with precise, on-time, in-fashion cutting skills, and the best ones usually don’t have to advertise, as their reputation precedes them. With reputable reputations in mind, here now is the best tailor in Hoi An.

In business for 15 years now, A Dong Silk Tailor has long been regarded as one of the best made-to-measure tailor in town. They currently have 3 locations are 62 -91 Tran Hung Dao Street and 40 Le Loi Street in Hoi An, where they we provide quality tailor-made suits, shirts, pants, overcoats for men and women all made with fine fabrics imported directly from textile manufacturers. Every made-to-measure suit is individually hand cut and tailored to cater to each customer’s needs and preferences, and while the store has its factory not far away, all the alterations are done in-house. These clothing can be completed and have a same day pick-up if requested.

Address: 62-91 Tran Hung Dao Street and 40 Le Loi Street, Hoi An City
Phone: 0235 3910579
Website: www.adongsilk.com

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