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Best Tailor-made Suits in Hoi An. Incredibly Attentive & Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction – Highly Recommend!

By adongsilk adongsilk - October 28, 2022

Best tailor-made in hoi an

Wow – what an experience! The short version of this review is: A Dong Silk is an excellent choice if you have higher-end or complex formal designs that you would like to bring to life. The team is very attentive with highly skilled tailors, has a wide selection of fabrics, and will go the extra mile to make sure your pieces come out right. I was very happy with my experience and highly recommend them!

The long version: I arrived in Hoi An with a plan to have a couple of suits and dresses made as I am starting a new job soon, and gave myself three days to accomplish the task – we went in on the late afternoon of Day 1 to discuss design and choose fabrics, and did fittings on Day 2, morning of Day 3, and again in the afternoon of Day 3. From start to finish the whole process was about 48 hours – very impressive!

I brought in photos and a few loose ideas, and Diem was kind, patient, and all-around fantastic in helping me bring them to life. She looked at the designs carefully with me, helped me select fabric, and gave helpful opinions where I was unsure. In all, I ended up ordering one three piece suit, one two piece suit, a pair of trousers, three blouses, and three dresses. As my proportions are fairly extreme, it took three fittings to get the dresses right, and at one point we (and the tailor) were troubleshooting as to how to make the design work with my body and still have the fabric fall properly. Diem kept her cool throughout the process, listening and being very attentive to each detail. Although at one point I was having my doubts, the dresses came out looking fabulous! I was very impressed with her ability to translate my concerns and desires to the tailor, and the customer service attitude of the entire A Dong Silk team was excellent. (My boyfriend similarly ordered several shirts, and when one of them came out too tight in the arms and shoulders and couldn’t be fixed, the team turned around a brand new shirt without that issue by the next morning).

In sum, having clothes tailor-made suit is a multi-step process with a lot of learning involved for everyone, but with some patience, skilled tailors, and lovely customer service, it can be done, and you will have fun along the way! Thank you so much to Diem and A Dong Silk for a memorable visit and for my lovely clothes! I know I will enjoy them (and the memories) for a long time to come!

From: Ms. Emma Mayberry