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Dream Wedding Dress in Hoi An

By adongsilk adongsilk - September 4, 2019

I searched the ends of TripAdvisor for a place to make my dream wedding dress during my trip to Vietnam last December. I decided on A Dong Silk. I emailed beforehand and showed up with pictures of a very expensive designer dress and lace that I had brought with me. I met with Loan who went over every detail with me to make sure my dress came out exactly how I wanted.
I was only in Vietnam for 5 days and Loan got the shape of my dress tailored to my body. She was so sweet and great to work with. I requested cut out lace to be sewn onto my bodice and pearls be sewn onto my straps and all over the bottom half of my dress so my dress needed a bit more time. Loan made sure to send me pictures on whatsapp and keep me updated on the amazing progress.
Finally, Loan shipped my finished dress to me in 2 weeks!! It’s was STUNNING and so BEAUTIFUL! I was I blown away at how perfect it came out and am so grateful to her and everyone at A DONG SILK. The day of my wedding almost every single person, man and woman, commented how gorgeous my dress was. I am very happy and would refer this place and Loan to anyone.

From: Syanov