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Excellent service, quality, and value

By adongsilk adongsilk - April 22, 2019

I had been meaning to get new business suits for years, but was appalled at how expensive quality suits were in the United States. Then, before traveling to Vietnam for vacation, my friends informed me of great value and high quality tailors that would create custom suits in just a few days.

I walked into the store and was treated with a lot of respect. The sales associate who worked with me was Dong. She was very knowledgeable, worked with my preferences without being too pushy, and helped me find wonderful material for my suits. They had a very large selection of colors and materials, so I did not feel limited in my choices. She was very upfront with costs when asked. In fact, I was so pleased with the quality of the material (which you were allowed to handle) and the great value that I decided to purchase 2 white dress shirts with French cuffs as well.

I had a tight schedule that only allowed me to pick up my suits 2 days after I first selected the material. I came in a day later for a first fitting and was able to explain how I wanted my suits adjusted. Even at the preliminary stage I was truly impressed with the material!

I then came up to pick up the suits on the second day, and had no issues! They accept credit card, which was particularly convenient. I had the clothes dry cleaned before initial use as recommended, and then was blown away by how great they fit and how comfortable they were!

I highly recommend A Dong Silk for all your tailoring needs if you are ever in the area. With quality that frankly exceeds most of what you find in America for a much more reasonable price, this is a wonderful establishment! Thank you again Dong for all your help!

In fact, since they have my measurements, if I want additional clothes (particularly the dress shirts), I can email them a request for more, which is incredibly convenient!

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