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Got WEDDING DRESS in Hoi An and LOVE it!

By adongsilk adongsilk - March 5, 2020

I just got my WEDDING DRESS made in Hoi An and I LOVE it! Linh was amazing at helping me with the design and not pushy AT ALL. I actually left after first getting a price quote bc I wasn’t sure on the fabric. I took her card and messaged her on whatsapp 2 days later asking lots of questions and about a new material. She was so responsive and said they did have the material I wanted (100% silk crepe) so I went back to feel the material and it was really nice. So I brought in 3 pictures of dresses I liked and wanted to combine aspects from all 3. She did so perfectly exactly how I wanted. I was so unsure to begin with about the whole experience and I felt it was too big of a gamble to get my wedding dress made from scratch… but Linh made me feel so comfortable bc she wasn’t pushy or “salesy” and you could just tell she gets it as far as the designing goes. And I’m soooo glad I went for it bc now I have a custom designed, custom made clothes which would’ve cost me thousands in North America! Oh and it only took 2 fittings! The seamstress and Linh both were at my first fitting literally cutting fabric and sewing things up and I came back 4 hours later and the dress was completely done and perfect! I actually forgot to have her include a bustle though so after having 100% paid for the dress and taking it home I messaged her asking if she could still add a bustle and she immediately said no problem and to come back to the store this week! So nice and accommodating! Cannot suggest this place enough! We loved it so much we actually decided to get my fiancé’s suit made there too and it looks incredible as well! I will put up photos once my wedding happens but for now I can’t risk my fiancé seeing it but if you message the store they have pictures!