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Great Experience tailor in Hoi An and lovely clothes

By adongsilk adongsilk - July 23, 2019

I worked with Nhung to create 2 formal pieces: a white jumpsuit (cotton/silk) and a sparkly dress (tulle and cotton lining with satin waist band and straps).

The process was a joy from start to finish and it really felt like we were working together on the project at each step from picking out the fabrics to the final fitting. My total was $290 for both items and I was happy to pay this fair price for the quality work, fabrics, and time spent.

In total I had 3 fittings to get everything perfect. Nhung worked with my schedule and was always happy to do the modifications I requested. Even the little touches were perfect like the free cold water waiting for me every time
I came to the store and the fans in the dressing room.

Thanks again Nhung for turning my fashion dreams into reality!