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    If you have never purchased a bespoke suit before, you are unlikely to have been given a choice on your suit lining. Instead, the designer will have chosen it for you and more often than not, it is less than exciting in colour and style. When you go bespoke, you have the opportunity to choose […]

  • How To Clean A Suit At Home

    If you wear a lot of suits for work or play, you’re probably used to dropping them off at the dry cleaners when they need to be cleaned. While dry cleaning is the best method for cleaning a suit safely without ruining it, that doesn’t mean your suit always needs it! Frequent dry cleaning can […]

  • The Best Tailors in Hoi An, Vietnam

    The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ancient Town of Hoi An is filled with tailors, a tradition resulting from its past as a trading port on the silk route. Tailor shops here are so plentiful that it can get overwhelming trying to choose one that fits your taste. There are a rare few among the 400+ shops […]

  • The Perfect Experience at A Dong Silk

    I am overwhelmed! I had the perfect tailoring experience at A Dong Silk with the wonderful tailor Phuóng. She accompanied me wonderfully the whole way. I never felt rushed into anything. The dress is all I’ve hoped for and more. I was unsure about getting a dress, but I thought, I would go to A […]

  • Tuxedo or Suit for a wedding?

    “Should I wear a tuxedo or a suit for my wedding? I seriously don’t even know the difference.” I’m glad you asked. The primary physical difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin. Typically tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the […]

  • Good tailor with excellent consultation

    We have been at dong silk in January. It was a really great idea choosing this store. Nhung did a great job advising me. I ended up buying two 3 pieces suits, 3 shirts and two ties. She took care of all the measurements and helped me choosing the right sizes. Dao also did a […]

  • Dont look anywhere else- This is the place for your custom tailor needs while visting Hoi An!

    My fiance and I did a lot of reach before visiting Hoi An and where to go for custom clothing. We narrowed it down to three places, and quickly realized that the process could be overwhelming. Looking back on what we had made and from who, A Dong Silk Tailors by far exceeded everyone else. […]

  • Tailored Wedding Suits for Men

    Happy 4th wedding anniversary and 15 years together @tecwaa – thanks for always being there to get lipstick off my teeth. We celebrated by climbing a mountain, just under 10 miles and 6 hours of catching up without a toddler was just the ticket ❤️ love you. Know anyone planning a wedding? If you’re into […]

  • Schneideranzug in Hoi An

    A Donk Tailors wurde mir von Freunden und dem Hotel empfohlen, da dies einer der wenigen Schneidereien mit eigener Näherei ist. Meine Beraterin hieß Van und hat mich hervorragend beraten. Ich hatte zu keinem Zeitpunkt das Gefühl, dass mir etwas angedreht wird, was ich nicht möchte. Stattdessen hatte Van bei der Stoffauswahl sehr viel Geduld mit mir, […]