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Really recommend Tailored Suits in Hoi An

By adongsilk adongsilk - June 6, 2022

custom suits in hoi an

I got a tuxedo made with these guys back in 2008 and its still great today so I went back to see if they can make me a more hardwearing business suit in Hoi An. They aren’t the cheapest on the street but the range of fabrics was very high-end and overall I paid less than what I would for an off the rack suit in the UK but you get bespoke service and its substantially higher quality than a couple of other places i tried in Hoi An – the tailor who looked after me Nga was very helpful, she had a good eye for what i would need as I’m forever not fitting properly into off the rack designer suits, have a rugby players build so off the rack trousers are always too tight about the thigh and knee, she took photos of my build after the fit so the tailor would have a better idea, very thorough. They aren’t pushy and really accommodating – I was in Hoi An for 3 days total and they very kindly arranged to drop off my suit at my hotel before my flight on the last day. They suggested for best results do 2 or 3 fittings but I had just a short trip so could only manage two, no issues though delighted with the results, the fit is perfect and the quality standard is high. Start with a good fabric and ask them for advice if you’re not sure.

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