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By adongsilk adongsilk - April 17, 2019

This was our first time in Hoi An and having heard how well known it is for its tailors, we couldn’t not get ourselves an outfit. We spent a couple of days looking around the MANY tailors, looking at the fabrics, and doing some research. A Dong Silk was one of the recommended tailors when we did some online research so we visited their Le Loi store (there are a couple others). If you can’t find the material you like in one store, try the others, as the store we went to didn’t have the biggest selection but had the ones we wanted.
We were approached by Diem, who was incredibly friendly and helpful. We showed her pictures of the type of suit and dress we wanted, she told us what would and wouldn’t work with honesty, which we very much appreciated (We had visited another tailor who had said my partner could choose whichever fabric he wished for his suit lining but on asking for a similar material in A Dong Silk, Diem explained it would be ruined after washing). Diem took our measurements, we selected all our materials and were given a quote, and returned a day later to see how the suit fit. They marked up all the changes needed and we returned two days later to collect our suit and dress and we couldn’t be happier.
A Dong Silk is one of the pricier tailors, alongside Bebe and Yaly, from whom we received similar quotes, but it is definitely worth it if you want a good quality outfit.