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Tailored Suits Wedding in Hoi An

By adongsilk adongsilk - January 18, 2024

I recently got engaged and thought it might be fun to get a white dress made in Hoi An. We received a few recommendations and first walked into another store. I had a few photos of styles that I liked and felt that I was fairly flexible. The first store that I walked into didn’t have any of the fabrics that I was seeking but they guided me towards a dress they had on display which was not similar to any of the dresses I had shown them nor was the fabric. They were also a bit pushy and used disappointed language to try to get me to stay. This was unsavory for me.
We decided to check out A Dong Silk nearby after reading a few reviews and were greeted by Suong and Lệ. I worked primarily with Suong and my fiancé worked with Lệ. I absolutely loved working with Suong. She was really relaxed and helpful to show me the fabrics they had and what they didn’t have. Due to a short time frame we decided to make a simple fitted trumpet wedding dress with a scoop neckline, spaghetti straps, and a train. Mind you this was around 8:30pm by the time I finished deciding on everything. I had my first dress try on by 1pm the next day, going in 2 more times for fittings throughout the next day. My fiancé decided to get 2 suits made as well and loved working with Lệ.
I was blown away by how fast, professional, and fun it all was. It felt like a big gamble to get my wedding dress made here in a 24 hour time period but it worked out seamlessly. Thank you for everything Suong and Lệ!!