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Tailored Wedding Suits for Men

By adongsilk adongsilk - September 9, 2020

Happy 4th wedding anniversary and 15 years together @tecwaa – thanks for always being there to get lipstick off my teeth.

We celebrated by climbing a mountain, just under 10 miles and 6 hours of catching up without a toddler was just the ticket ❤️ love you.

Know anyone planning a wedding? If you’re into slow fashion and sustainability then why not suggest look into vintage wedding dresses. Mine was a 1930’s original from an amazing boutique in Greenwich. I absolutely loved that there had been two brides before me wearing it, I just wish I could have seen pictures and found out their stories. I decided to have it customised so had the sleeves taken off and the back cut down into a square & more dreaded detail adding to mirror the front by the amazing elmerwho is an incredible York based seamstress. The dress came with an extra piece of lace pearl beading that was spare from the pieces stitched to the front of the dress so hannah created me my dream headpiece by wiring together and adding gold beads which I think just made the whole thing. Cream isn’t one of my best colours so I added the dark green feather collar to tie in with my shoes and Foz’s suit and it made the whole outfit feel more dramatic.

We were on holiday in Vietnam and Hoi An is an area famous for its tailoring. Foz had researched and was determined to find @adongsilk and they custom made him the most amazing dark green Italian cotton/cashmere 5 piece suit (including shorts for the night do), along with the most gorgeous shirt, 10 ties for all of the groomsmen.

It wasn’t your average way of finding your wedding outfits but if you’re looking for something not off the peg then this could be the way to go!