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The tailor you don’t wanna miss

By adongsilk adongsilk - April 24, 2019

I was traveling in Vietnam and always wanted to have a business suit for back home.
When I heard about Hoi An for being a tailoring mecca I decided to give it a try. Now I’m so glad I went there.

When I arrived I checked trip advisor to find the best tailor in Hoi An. I visited the top 5 and finally decided for A Dong Silk Tailors.

Firstly, the service was amazing. Ms. Dao helped me through the whole procedure. She knew exactly what I wanted even before I told her. Thank you again Ms. Dao for your help and advise.

Secondly, the end products are in such a good quality. They made 2 suits and 4 shirts for me and I’m so satisfied. I told them I want the best quality they have and it’s totally worth it.

Thirdly, they even took care about the shipment. Everything arrived on time and I was also able to track the whole package.

So go there and make your own suit or dress or whatever you’re up to. You’ll be happy you didn’t miss it.

From: Steve