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TIPS for Wedding

By adongsilk adongsilk - June 18, 2018

The fabrics of your outfit for wedding that you’re going buy is very important. For example Suit, having your suit on a tailor, it is advisable that you must check the fabrics to use first: wool, polyester and linen are also great choice because it is known for its durability and smoothness. Cotton is the most common fabrics, it is very best if you want to have your wedding on open place.


The most common color of a suit for wedding is black and white. Black is known for its formality and white for cleanliness. But the color must still depend if it will match the complexion of your skin. When you’re going to have your wedding suit, it’s important that you can match your bride’s gown. You must mote in your mind that the wedding ceremony take place during daylight or sunset and it is suggested that you must wear a lighter suit for morning and darker suit at evening.



There are many wedding suit style available at our Men Collection. The style of your outfit wedding must also fit your tie, if you’re wearing a bow tie or a necktie thus the color of your neckwear must fit your suit. A well-cut suit will fit right for you as it will as comfort as you wear it.
A wedding outfit is the most common wear that you can see during the wedding ceremony. Unlike if you’re in different country having with their culture of different wears during a wedding. Right now, buy an outfit tailor made for your special day.