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Truly exceptional best suit in Hoi An

By adongsilk adongsilk - October 9, 2019

I did a lot of research before choosing A Dong Silk. Honestly speaking, I think I am a nightmare customer as I’m particularly fussy with an eye for detail and have the inability to make my mind up! My indecisiveness can drive even me crazy..! So the fact that I was shown such patience, understanding and warmth from the two lovely ladies Dao and Tien is a real testament to the level of service A Dong Silk provides. They are real experts here and I can’t quite explain enough how fabulous the service was! We were given water on arrival, guided through the journey of choosing styles and fabrics before talking prices and getting measured up. Yes you will pay more for this place but wouldn’t you rather pay that bit extra and have a garment you’re proud to wear as opposed to scrimping it, going somewhere cheaper and regretting your decision whilst your garment sits in the back of your closet / wardrobe never to be worn again?

I ordered 2 suit jackets with matching skirts (cashmere stretch cotton), both suits from a picture I had seen online that was on the slightly complex side. I also ordered a pair of trousers to match one of the suits and two shirts – one classic white long sleeved and the other half puff sleeve with a tuxedo style front. When I came back the following day for my fitting, I loved the fit of the skirt sooo much (I am apple shaped and bottom heavy – rare I find a pencil skirt that flatters!) that I ended up ordering another skirt in blue and another long sleeve shirt..! This all came to £532, a lot I know but when I think of how much I would have paid in the UK for all of these items, it would be way more let alone custom made!

They did all of this in 3 days, incredible! Like other reviewers have mentioned, it’s good idea to come with a clear idea, ideally pictures, of what you want making. The choice can be overwhelming, make sure you visit when you’re not jet lagged, tired etc as you need a clear head to make a good decision. Afterwards, if you’re anything like me, you’ll get the guilt pangs about how much money you’ve spent and worrying if you made a mistake and if the garment turns out ok. You’ll most likely walk past other tailors and think “oooh that one looks better..!” – there will always be nicer looking shops but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are any better! Have confidence in your decision and stick to it! Let me assure you, as someone who has constant and sometimes uncontrollable anxiety over these kind of things (silly first world problems I know!) you really are in safe hands at A Dong Silk and need not worry. When you have your fittings, trust your gut instinct, don’t be afraid to say if you want something tweaking or altering, after all, the staff really want you to go away with the feeling of satisfaction- that’s at least the impression I got!

My fiancée had a 3 piece suit made in a beautiful dark green, exquisite! And a tweed jacket, both right first time and didn’t require alterations – beautifully made! I on the other hand needed 4 fittings because a) I am fussy and b) it’s harder to make suits for ladies because of our differences in figures compared to men since we want to show off our curves – so be prepared that this will be factored into the cost of a ladies suit compared to a men’s suit. I can dress make at home using my domestic sewing machine so I appreciate these subtle differences and have an understanding of how tricky it can be sometimes so the fact that A Dong Silk manage this balance with such skill and expertise meets even my super high expectations..!