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Two great Tailored suits. Great expert service.

By adongsilk adongsilk - November 28, 2019

I was served by Le. She was extremely knowledgeable on how a suit should fit and took care of all my needs with real efficiency.

You start off by choosing the style of suit you want and the type of cloth. Le helped me make the right choice, but I never felt under any pressure to buy or choose a certain more expensive style. We visited on the Wednesday night and went back at 1pm the next day for a first fitting. We were asked to return that evening and we did so at 7pm. There were some minor adjustments needed to the trousers on one suit, so we went and had a drink and returned 40 mins later with those adjustments made. Amazingly quick service.

Both suits fit perfectly, each one tailored for the price of an average peg suit in the U.K.

Great service. Thank you to Le for making it a pleasant and enjoyable experience.