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The Perfect Experience at A Dong Silk

By adongsilk adongsilk - Tháng Mười 19, 2020

I am overwhelmed!
I had the perfect tailoring experience at A Dong Silk with the wonderful tailor Phuóng. She accompanied me wonderfully the whole way. I never felt rushed into anything. The dress is all I’ve hoped for and more.
I was unsure about getting a dress, but I thought, I would go to A Dong Silk and look what they could do and give it a try if it felt right. I’ve never before had anything tailoremade for me. Phuóng was my person of contact from the beginning till the end. She greeted me nicely, I told her about me being completely unsure and she was very understanding. I was all by myself looking at different styles but whenever I had a question she would be right there. It was perfect this way, so I didn’t feel any rush or pressure. I ended up with a picture of a style they never did before. It was an haute couture piece with lots of lacing and embellishments. I told her, i loved the cut of the dress, but didn’t like the details. Even though it was a rather difficult design and I wanted it much different from the picture, she was positive she could do exactly as I wanted it. For about half an hour we spoke about how I wanted every detail. Phuóng was very patient and always made sure she got everything right: the length of the dress, the width of the waistband, the style of the neckline, everything.
Afterwards we spoke about the fabric. I said, I wanted a yellow one but was very specific about what kind of yellow. So we went upstairs where they have thousands of different fabrics. I found the perfect one, got measured me and we finished the order. The price was very reasonable and within my tight budget, but considerate of the craft and time that would go into making the dress as well as the wonderful material (silk-Chiffon blend).
Even though I was nervous because she only had that one picture for refenece, and the amount of money I would spend on a product I’d have never seen in real life, i was excited to see it. I had my first fitting at the end of the same day, and let me tell you I was AMAZED!! Not only did Phuóng understand exactly what I wanted, she also did the style perfectly and the color looked wonderful on my skin. We did the first of two more fittings until the dress fit me like a glove. I also want to mention that she did not blindly follow everything I said, but she also advised me what would work well and what wouldn’t. I believe, if i absolutely wanted, she would do exactly as I ask her to, but I trusted her experience when she told me how the fabric would react to certain things. (And the result shows that this was the right decision!)
I can only say thank you so much, Phuóng, my first tailoring experience was everything I could ask for and more. I feel like a princess in the dress you created for me!
I cannot recommend A Dong Silk tailor and Phuóng in particular highly enough!
Feel free to ask me if you got any questions and: go there if you need anything that really has to be good!!!!