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How To Measure Yourself For Suits

By adongsilk adongsilk - September 7, 2021

Taking Your Own Suit Measurements
A well fitting suit will always look superior to an ill fitting one, even if they are thousands of pounds apart. That designer suit is wasted if the trousers are too wide, or the sleeves too short. Stuck between the cost of a high street tailor, and the fear of making a mistake in their own measurements, many people forego a fully tailored suit. The good news is it’s super easy to take your own suit measurements, simply follow the guide below and you can get your own Made to Measure – fully tailored custom suit Online.

First things first
Before you begin you will need a flexible / cloth measuring tape and a pen or some way of noting down your measurements. If you have a jacket, shirt and trousers you know fit you well, you may want to wear them as well this will help you judge certain measurements. If you have a friend handy this can help you judge certain measurements as well, but its not necessary.

It’s All About the Numbers
Once you are ready to start taking your measurements you should go through the list below. This is not an exhaustive list but it usually gives us all we need, whilst still being simple to do yourself. You should follow the instructions below as illustrated, using a relaxed but firm hand, you should not pull the tape measure tight. Perform each measurement three times for accuracy and round all final measurements to the nearest half inch. First record your height and weight (in kg), this can help us with overall sizing/checking your measurements.